Yarrow: Blood Toning Plant

YARROW infants. We love welcoming new life into virgin Kauai Farmacy soil beds. This incredible blood toning plant can truly be lifesaving, especially for those in need of blood clotting; and/or experiencing internal hemorrhaging. These remarkable star-burst shaped younglings will grow up into a fluffy green bed of plant medicine ready to balance your blood’s viscosity. That’s right. Yarrow has the power to thin your blood when your blood pressure is high, and thicken or clot it when your blood is too thin. This plant is highly effective for women during their monthly moon cycles and post pregnancy for Mama’s on their postnatal healing journey.

This freshly planted garden bed of Yarrow will grow up and make its way into our WOMEN’S WELLNESS TEA. This plant has been beyond useful for all our on-farm injuries, cuts, scrapes and boo-boos. We are grateful for Yarrow’s brilliant healing capabilities! We believe you will be to. Mahalo to the power plant YARROW!

With humble gratitude,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxo

Peaks and Valleys

There are peaks and valleys in all our lives. How we choose to interpret our present situation, and how we make choices in the “now”, inevitably define our next moment. Grasp the lightness in your present situation (however dark it may seem) and put into play healthy choices, so tomorrow brings new lightness.

Sipping on some delicious Kauai-grown Green Energy tea right now and peaking out! ⛰

Sending lightness and love from the Napali green emerald Kauai’ian peaks,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxo

This Herb Promotes Hair Growth

Freshly harvested Galangal Ginger (aka Thai Ginger) Root Slices – ready to make their way into the solar dehydrators. Galangal Ginger has a sweet aroma, and a sweet, spicy flavor that our tea-makers love! Did you know that this Indonesian rhizome promotes healthy hair growth, aids in rejuvenating the skin, supports proper digestive function, increases circulation, strengthens the immune system and helps address nausea? Galangal Ginger is in our Love Potion tea, Endurance powder, Women’s Wellness tea, Wellness tea & Curry spice blend.

Mahalo For Your Healing & Your Harvest

“Mahalo (Thank you) for your healing & your harvest” is a phrase that echoes throughout the gardens when the herbs are being culled & pruned. My children now utter this precious sentiment as their scissors clip the very leaves that will soon become herbal teas & powders they’ll consume to keep them growing strong & healthy. Their favorite: the Children’s Wellness Tea.

In the Polynesian culture, one respects all nature; and teaches to harvest with pure intention & take only what is needed.

At Kauai Farmacy, all our planting & harvesting is done by hand. Our tools are simple: shovels, wheelbarrows & shears & hand saws. You will not hear the revving of engines backhoe-ing or chainsaws during harvest time. It is a time of peace & serenity: A time of highest gratitude for the offerings each individual plant offers in exchange for a healthy trim. We harvest with the intention of using the plant life & returning its unused parts back to the base of the plants to compost as a return gift of gratitude to nurture the soil once again.

Many Polynesians believe that all things nature house a spiritual connection to their ancestry. We have just begun to experience the power of these plants in this way. It is quite the humbling experience.

So it has now become ritual for our gardeners to speak and sing to the plants, referring to them as “her” or “him”. Acknowledging their life force. And our medicine is simply transmitting the subtle yet powerful energies that they have been cultivated & crafted with.

We have been humbled, healed & strengthened by these plants. They are our guardians & teachers. Sharing their information & crafting them into delicious & convenient healing remedies for those in need is our Dharma or Kuleana (responsibility).

With Loving Aloha,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxo

When Life Gives You Lemons

When life gives you lemons, give thanks. These alkalizing fruits create balance in our body’s PH, which can be quite erratic in our modern lifestyles. Aside from being a pure & delicious approach to boosting metabolic activity, by integrating lemon into your daily diet, you are also enabling other important vitamins and minerals to be more easily absorbed into your body; thus heightening organ function and aiding in their optimal performance. ⠀

Our lemon rinds are cured raw in our solar dehydrators, and inoculated into some of our herbal blends like our Puritea Cleanse Powder, and Women’s Wellness Tea.⠀

Aside from all the health benefits the lemon rinds offer, they are also in part responsible for making our medicinal teas taste delicious. This basket of lemons will be squeezed for the Kauai Farmacy team to enjoy as a refreshment; and the rinds will be making their way into the next herbal tea batch. Lucky for us all!

Medicine as Nature Intended It

Medicine as nature intended it: Kissed by the rain; Warmed by the rays of the sunlight shining through the clean, pure air which defines the breath surrounding each tendril’s offshoot; Touched by loving hands; Nourished by the Kauai soil that grounds and feeds it; Medicine’s roots maturing through life’s underworld community of wriggly and tunnel-channeling lifeforms; while living harmoniously together with all that surrounds it.⠀

From seed to maturation, our gardens are planted with Nature’s purest intentions in mind. Enchanted biodiverse gardens abound the Kauai Farmacy grounds; strongly emulating nature’s diverse plant life as it would flourish, if in the wild. Plants working together to provide shelter from too much sun; sharing moisture so not to over saturate; protecting each other from herbaceous predators, each with their own unique mineral makeup; Deciduous leaves falling to compost and re-nurturing the garden beds; this is the highest level of Permaculture, with all its artistic science at play. Offering care and love from the onset of each seedling’s life, all the plants growing to accept their purest and truest potential. ⠀

The plants embody the frequency of the soil, the water, the air, & the love that energizes them. We share these herbs with you so that you may too experience their high vibrations; and receive the energizing frequencies that these plants genetically encapsulate from their very first moments of life. ⠀

The attention our gardeners and herbalists give to every aspect of growing true plant medicine from seed to cup creates a unique balance that sets our medicine apart from any other. Enjoy the herbal lifestyle!⠀

With Love & Aloha,⠀
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxo⠀

CACOA OLENA “Smoothie Delight”

Our CACOA OLENA “Smoothie Delight”

2 Papayas
6 Bananas
1 Mature Coconut (coco water and coco meat)
1 teaspoon of Kauai Farmacy Cacoa Olena
Kauai spring water
1 Sprig of fresh Mint for garnish
It doesn’t get more delicious and nutritious than this!

Packed with powerful antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals grown in the most fertile organic soil on Earth, the herbs in this smoothie blend promote healthy organ function; reduce inflammation; break up calcified matter; boost metabolism and digestive function; increase circulation; alkalize the body’s PH; & strengthen and support the immune and cardiovascular system.
These Kauai Grown herbs all work synergistically together to create ultimate balance and optimal performance. An excellent and delicious way to health up!

CACOA OLENA Ingredients: Kauai Farmacy-Grown Raw Cacoa, Ginger & Turmeric (aka Olena in Hawai’ian).
Blend all ingredients into your blender until smooth and creamy. Garnish with fresh mint & Enjoy!

Mmmm. COCOliscious!

Made with Love,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxox

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