Gardening With a Purpose

Wai Ola

The Lifestyle of the St. Regis Princeville Resort

2018 issue

Words by
Amelia Fulbright

Morning dew is just beginning to evaporate from the green leaves of the garden. Liberated from condensation, flowers timidly open, petal by petal, and bees line up to pollinate the virgin blossoms. The Shama Thrush bird sings her song. The rooster responds promptly. Then, right on cue, an ancestral chant begins to weave through the garden, along the pathways that will soon carry footsteps and between branches baring precious plant medicine.

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Our Seasonal Small Batch Offering

Go with the flow. This has been an age-old testament to flexibility and willpower when it comes to quenching our fabricated expectations. We are conditioned to believe that everything we eat, the electricity we consume, the material items we purchase, the place that we call home, and even the very relationships we engage in will be ever-lasting. In our most comfortable state, we are tempted to believe that these things will always be readily available as the calendar of life carries on.

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The Earth Within Us

Let’s make Earth day every day! Planetarily we are told that today is the day we are to recognize her majesty, the Earth. She is here all around us; under the soles of our feet; below the depths of the ocean floor; and within our bodies every waking day. It is a shame to only tune in to the needs of the Earth, one sun-to-moon rising.

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We’ll See you in Kauai!

Monday through Friday from 10am – 3pm our Tea Lanai is open to all

Every weekday we open the gates to the farm and welcome visitors from all over the world to visit us, enjoy pots of tea, sample and buy our Kauai-grown, seed-to-table, herbal products.

We love to talk story, share herbal knowledge and exchange plant healing experiences with our guests.

Doug and Garden Tour

Doug tours a group through the Kauai Farmacy gardens

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Springtime in the Garden, See What’s Blooming

Spring Equinox, March 20, 2018

If I am really quiet standing in the garden, I can hear the plants yawning and stretching…waking from their winter sleep. Already everyone is throwing new buds, keiki’s (wee ones) are beginning to sprout all around on their own accord, and our weedy friends are joining us in abundance again. It’s an exciting time—a time of planting, growth, and new beginnings.

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