Hand-Harvesting Loose Leaf Herbs

We artisanally craft & hand-harvest our loose leaf herbs, as though we are making tea from our own backyard garden. It’s the only way!

Our super diverse gardens create healthy soil with a unique compilation of dense vitamins & minerals. This diversification also creates a symbiotic and powerful immune system that lends itself to closed-loop, organic, permaculture gardening; as opposed to more machine oriented, mono-cropped, chemical farming & mono-cultured soil, such as from planting rows and rows of the same plants for hundreds or even thousands of acres.

This Cranberry Hibiscus is one of the eighty plus herbal plants that have derived from this close-loop diverse gardening system. We add this sweet & sour, antioxidant & vitamin C-rich, immune-boosting herb to our Children’s Wellness & Women’s Wellness tea blends.

You can enjoy our Hibiscus Iced Tea exclusively at the Hanalei Bread Company & JO2 Restuarant.

Hand-harvesting plant medicine with utmost care,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxo

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