Gardenia, Gardenia Augusta

Gardenia is native to China, Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam and known for its beauty. It is an evergreen shrub with large, white flowers. It is also known as Cape Jasmine where it prefers well drained sandy soil rich in humus. Gardenia bud, also known as Zhi-Zi in Chinese medicine, is renown for clearing heat from the lowest region of the GI tract, relieving agitation and aiding in sleep.


  • Gardenia is highly fragrant and has an uplifting and calming essence.
  • Gardenia can be used to treat fevers, colds, and coughs.
  • It is known to treat diabetes and aid in liver function.
  • Gardenia can be used topically and applied to wounds, sprains, and inflamed skin.


  • Gardenia benefits a number of conditions and is used for jaundice, rheumatism, fever, dysentery, urinary problems, palpitation, abdominal pain, gas, and headaches.