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Moringa, Moringa oleifera.

Moringa is known as a Miracle Tree. Moringa is a thick, whitish barked tree with droopy branches, and green leaflets. It is native to India and widely grown throughout Asia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Africa, and South America. The leaves, bark, flowers, fruit, seeds, and root are used to make medicine. It has been used throughout the world to combat malnutrition in poverty stricken areas.


  • Moringa is antifungal, antidepressant, antiviral, and an anti inflammatory.
  • Moringa is useful with diabetes and regulating blood sugar levels in the process of converting sugar in the body.
  • Moringa works to support the health of many systems in the body.
  • Moringa helps stomach problems, constipation, ulcers, intestinal spasms, diarrhea, and fluid retention, allergies, eye protection, cardiovascular, bone and skin health. Moringa can aid in liver protection.
  • Moringa is used for anemia, joint pain, asthma, cancer, headache, thyroid disorders, and bacterial, fungal, viral, and parasitic infections.
  • It is also used topically for treating infections, wounds, warts, snake bites, athlete’s foot, dandruff, and gum disease.
  • Moringa is a strong immune builder.