Spilanthes, Acmella oleracea

Spilanthes is a flowering herb native to Brazil. It is a small direct growing plant with broad leaves and has delicate gold and red flowers that are commonly used in herbal preparations. Other names for Spilanthes are toothache plant, paracress, and electric daisy. In Brazil it is also called jambu. The Spilanthes flower is mainly ornamental but the flower heads contains an analgesic agent known as Spilanthol. This can be used to numb tooth and gum aches.


  • Spilanthes is an oral antiseptic. It can help treat gum disease and throat infections. It has been traditionally used to numb teeth and gum pain.
  • Spilanthes will also help with digestive problems.
  • Spilanthes flowers are also a treatment for fungus and ringworm infection.
  • Extracts of the Spilanthes flower has an effect for relaxing facial muscles which may to decrease visible wrinkles, and age spots in the face.
  • Spilanthes will enhances absorption of Vitamin C. It is antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal.
  • Spilanthes is helpful to treat many gastrointestinal problems as well.