Thyme, Thymus vulgaris
Thyme is a hardy perennial native to the Mediterranean and commonly grows in the wild on rocky ground. It is a herb that is known for culinary, medicinal and cosmetic properties.


  • Thyme is great for coughs, colds, flu, and respiratory infections. It is an expectorant and will break up mucus.
  • Thyme can also be used for mouth rinses as an antiseptic and to soothe sores in or around the mouth.
  • Thyme can be used to assist digestion and for infections.
  • Antispasmodic, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, antiviral, antiparasitic.


  • Thyme is a nervine and a stimulant. The has a regulating properties that can balance the body of excess or deficiency.
  • Thyme has enzymes are well that assist with digestion. It can help digest heavy foods and relieve gas.
  • Thyme can be used to treat candida or other yeast and bacterial infections.
  • As an antispasmodic; it is helpful in treating asthma, hay fever, inflammation, rheumatism, and sciatica pain.