Lovers-Package. Love Potion tea, Healing Beauty Balm, Cacao Olena. Tea strainers
Love Potion 2oz SquresKauai Farmacy Love Potion close upHealing Beauty Balm 2ozHealing Beauty Salve Close upCacai Olena 06ozKauai Farmacy Cacalo Olena Powder close upStainless Steel Tea Strainer with Water and Tea-2

Love Package


LOVE yourself; LOVE Others: Eat, drink and relax.

Product Description

Love; self-love; love of life; celebrate and honor love as an every day practice.

This package is designed especially to enhance, invigorate, relax and sensualize:

  • Love Potion tea, A spicy chai-flavored blend with the power of the Ashwaghanda root; renown to increase circulation, boost stamina and enhance one’s life force.
  • Healing Beauty Balm, A silky, topical balm that is perfect for rejuvenating and relaxing massage.
  • Cacao Olena Powder, An invigorating, antioxidant-rich, superfood spice blend for smoothies, fruits, vegetables, and decadent dishes.
  • Stainless Steel tea strainers, A pair to conveniently share with someone you love.


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