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Product Description

For those suffering from an acute injury the restorative package is just the thing. Every person’s dosage and frequency of application will vary depending on the person’s:

  • Severity, size and location of injury
  • Health status, age and weight
  • Diet and water intake
  • Lifestyle
  • Usage of product

Because of these variables exact dosage recommendations are not given. Instead, we provide general guidelines for usage and ask they each person use their best judgement, listen to their body and pay attention to how your body responds and adjust usage up or down from there.

Using the Restorative Package
  • Apply the Comfrey Cast periodically to promote deep healing
  • Use the Comfrey Salve between Cast applications
  • Drink the Wellness tea—along with plenty of fresh clean water—to help circulate nutrients and remove toxins
  • Regularly dose with Turmeric powder to help the body reduce inflammation and fight infection
  • Spritz the area with Comfrey hydrosol throughout the day
  • Get plenty of rest, reduce stress as much as possible, receive therapeutic massage and physical therapy as needed
The restorative package includes each of the following:

Comfrey Cast Description

A healing regenerative powder applied topically to muscles or areas of acute injury to support the bodies ability to self heal.

Comfrey has been used for thousands of years as a healing herb both for internal and external wounds. It’s also known as knit-bone, alluding to it’s topical use to speed up the healing of broken bones and other injuries. Applied topically and regularly to injuries, comfrey can drastically reduce pain, inflammation and facilitate the speedy healing of sprains and broken bones by rejuvenating and facilitating new cell growth.

Our Comfrey Cast is made entirely of Comfrey root. The root contains a higher concentration of the healing compounds than the leaves. The root is harvested, dried in our solar dehydrator, and then ground into a powder. The low temperature and slow dehydration helps to retain the plant’s live enzymes.

To use: Take enough for the desired application-type and to cover the affected area; Reconstitute with water (the amount of water you use will depend on the injury type and size); Apply the Comfrey paste immediately after adding water (this is a must for it to adhere properly); Let the cast air dry to cure; Cast will range from a thin fruit-leather consistency to a harder coating depending on thickness; Leave on for as long as possible. To remove: some will crackle dry off; for remainder use luke warm water and rub to loosen. For more detailed application instructions see the USAGE tab.

Comfrey Cast Is Not Edible

This is NOT an edible blend. Do NOT made tea or otherwise ingest comfrey. Comfrey Cast is ONLY for topical application to treat swelling, inflammation, sprains, pain, discomfort, fractured and broken bones.

See our blog post about Comfrey.

  • Wound healing
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Cell regeneration
  • Pain killer
  • Supports rapid healing
  • Promotes Circulation
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Facilitates healing of broken bones
  • Aids in recovery from sprains
  • Useful at combating boils
  • Makes a great healing face mask or bath
  • Contains Allantoin
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Contains Calcium, Potassium, and Vitamin B12

Additional Details

Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 4 in


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Application to injuries
  1. Place enough powder in a bowl to cover the affected area.
  2. Add water, a little at a time and stir. Use less water for a thicker paste.
  3. Allow paste to become tacky.
  4. Apply to area and allow to dry.
  5. Repeat several times daily until healed.

The amount of Comfrey Cast needed will vary with the size of the affected area and severity of injury. A broken wrist could require several applications over a number of weeks. Such an area could require the use of 3-5 pucks to facilitate full healing