Some Like it Hot

This versatile culinary spice is here to uplift your food, your thought and your health!

A potent medicinal herb and essential culinary ingredient, Hawaiian Chili Pepper Flakes are a staple spice. Appropriate across the spectrum of uses, they guarantee an elevated glow from the inside out. Allow this spark of mana to ignite your inner fire, fuel inspired thought, and facilitate optimum health!

Hawaiian Chili Pepper Flakes are full of flavor with a bright bite, bringing the perfect balance of flavor and heat to your life experience. Not your ordinary pepper flakes, these spicy little delights are extraordinarily versatile; adding sweet heat to soups, stews, sauces, salsas, syrups, rubs, dressings, nut butters, beverages, desserts, oils, marinades, and more.

Hawaiian chili pepper flakes make the perfect topper for avocados and elevate savory sauces to the next level. The subtle yet flavorful spice sparks metabolism, awakens the mind and warms the heart.

Combine 1/4 teaspoon Hawaiian Chili Pepper Flakes to 1 tablespoon honey for a coughremedy. Take a tiny spoonful to immediately relieve a chronic cough or subdue nerve and joint pain.

Add Hawaiian Chili Pepper Flakes to a bottle of olive oil, let it marinate for one month. The medicine makes a tasty finishing touch for almost every meal!

Spicy foods naturally regulate body temperature. The radiant heat of this spice can help keep you warm in during cold winter weather!

Hawaiian Chili Pepper Flakes are an excellent addition to Golden Milk recipes; reinforcing this superfood beverage with immune-boosting, sustained energy while contributing a potent metabolic kick.

This sumptuous, light flavored, bright spice is the perfect heat source for Thai-inspired dishes. Mix into peanut butter with honey and ginger powder for an easy satay sauce; the perfect dipper for turmeric, apple, or carrot slices.

Find your own inspired use for Kauai Farmacy Hawaiian Chili Pepper Flakes and let your glow begin to grow…

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