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Savory Blend, Spa Bath


Savory Blend, Spa Bath, Tranquility Blend


Endurance Powder, Immunitea, Love Potion, Mamaki Chai, Puritea Cleanse, Savory Blend, Spa Bath, Tranquility, Tulsi Tea, Vitalitea, Wellness, Women's Wellness


Buzz Chew, Savory Blend, Tranquility

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Savory Pineapple Snack

Simple, simple, simple and delicious. Already amazing pineapple is made just that much better with a sprinkling of Savory blend. It gives your tongue a break from the sweetness and a little something else to delight over.

Cut pineapple. Just add Savory. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Oregano, Tulsi, Tarragon, Thyme, Rosemary, and Sage

Savory Pineapple