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Cleared up the Acne

I am a Cancer patient and my daughter sent me the
healing beauty balm for my face which breaks out in
acne from the chemo. It has cleared up the acne makes
my face feel so soft and moisturized. I can't use anything else on my face and am so grateful to find
a wonderful product to help me.

Nancy Carter

Buzz Chew

I found myself away from home, on vacation on the mainland, with a horrible toothache. I had read about Spilanthes and its uses for oral care but unfortunately did not have the tincture. I did however have my Buzz Chew and decided instead of placing it on my tongue I would place it directly on my tooth...complete relief in less than 5 minutes!!!

My entire family is so thankful we found Kauai Farmacy and have incorporated their many products into our daily lives!

L Grance

Tulsi Hydrosol is Awesome !!!!!!!

I keep my Tulsi Hydrosol in the fridge & spritz my face whenever I need a cool, refreshing pick-me-up.

Very uplifting - always makes me smile!

Thank you - Thank you !!!

Kathy Elsee

Loving Kauai Farmacy

I found this place while flipping through a magazine and I'm hooked! 'm loving the Tranquility Tea! I haven't slept this well in years.
I also got the Vitali Tea and it's a great substitute for morning coffee. The herbs are so fresh!
I'm loving the Comfrey hydrosol as well.
So happy I came across this place and I'm truly impressed. Thank you so much for your hard work!

Melissa Cannetti

Loved the garden tour

I totally enjoyed the Kauai Farmacy tour, it is a gardener and herb lovers paradise. The owner, Doug, and his staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. We were able to see up close many healthy herb's and trees that provide the raw materials for the teas and salves. We were able to see the drying process, quite an ingenious set up.
Thanks, love the teas and comfrey salve I purchased.

Susan Diane Whittington

I am so excited to get my tranquility tea and buzz chew!

My daughter in law is a big advocate for you guys  by sharing what she has ordered with family and friends.I have had trouble sleeping and this tea is amazing  it’s 123 lights out eyelids drop and off to dreamland I go...the buzz chew is another great product! The sensation of the buzz is fun and freshness that it brings to your palate is amazing! I told her she should be a rep for you out here she can’t say enough great things about your products and either can I.!
I’ve enjoyed your story and what you do! God Bless You and your products!!! Aloha🤗

Cindie H.

Kauai Farmacy's tour is enlightening!

I was first interested in visiting Kauai Farmacy originally because I love supporting local. I honestly had NO IDEA what a gem this place was until my feet touched their farm! I thought I was just going to get some tea, and I left feeling completely inspired, energized and rejuvenated in my every cell, and deeply connected to the plants and the entire aina in a way that is hard to put to words.

There is something magical about what they have and are creating. You can feel the love and the passion immediately upon arriving to the land. I have been to many farms, but nothing that has ever inspired me like this.

After having a very short and private tour with Doug at the farm, I knew this was a place that I wanted to share with my yoga and fitness retreat clients. My retreats aim to inspire a deep transformation from inside out, and self-care and loving awareness are tools we utilize with the yoga and fitness lifestyle. Being on a Kauai Farmacy Tour evokes a deep inner transformation and assists in creating harmonious alignment into greater well-being. So it was a perfect fit for my client's experience!

I fully recommend this tour to anyone who is looking to inspire their wellness lifestyle in a potent yet simple way. You will walk away with a magical part of Kauai, the aina and the plant vibration inside of you forever more. Being on a Kauai Farmacy tour is enlightening, fun, so truly unique and can possibly change your life and wellness in a powerful way.

With aloha,
Samantha Fox Olson

Samantha Fox Olson

Comfrey healed an elbow injury

- Lea Kennedy
Lea Kennedy

Kauai Farmacy is my Medicine Box!

I am so grateful for the Kauai Farmacy. They grow organic medicinal plants and turn them into tinctures, salves, teas and more so that we have something immediately available to use for our ailments instead or resorting to traditional pills as well as using medicinal herbs and plants to promote general health and well-being. Just like the old days, the days when everything was naturally organic and nothing was sprayed with dangerous chemicals. Just like the ancient Hawaiians and other indigenous peoples around the world.. including the Celts and the forefathers of the Western culture in Europe.

It's so wonderful to have a range of salves, tinctures, teas and more that we know are grown organically, prepared with love and help us stay healthy and heal when we are out of balance. It's a synergy, the products are first class and I have several as mainstays of my health regime and in my medicine cabinet.

A special mention for Spilanthes: read my review on that page, incredible! Cured a fever & more. I have a range of Kauai Farmacy products, it's all you need in your medicine cabinet!

Thank you Doug and Genna and all the Team at Kauai Farmacy!

Francesca Azuremare


My children love this tea! They ask for it multiple times a day and drink it all up every time 🙂 I love this list of ingredients, I feel like my kiddos are getting amazing health benefits by adding these herbs to their daily lives. Thank you so much KF for making children's wellness tea, please keep it coming!

Stephanie Shevy



Adding this sweet and spicy blend of herbs turns any dish into a celebration of life. Such a well rounded flavor profile. I've never found anything like this and I've been a chef my entire life! Thank you.

Dan McDonald

The Whole Family is loving the Tea!!!

Hi Doug
The whole FAMILY is loving the tea and drinking it daily!!!!!!!  My daughter and I are really addicted.  Funny enough she is placing an order online today.  We are flying through the Buzz chew and the love potion tea needs a refill we are halfway through it.  We mixed the curry in the olive oil last night for our veggies on the grill.
My daughter thinks it is purifying her skin and giving her a healthier look while she runs to the restroom 🙂   I just feel good drinking it and I take it with to work daily.
My daughter says her body literally craves it now!!!!!!!!!!
We are so glad we collided with you and your family and CERTAINLY doing the tour next year!!!!!!!!!!
Morgan Clayton
Morgan Clayton

What People Need to Hear These Days

Had a great tour & met all the plants as well as the team at Kauai Farmacy! The information that was shared about medicinal plants was so valuable. I really loved seeing the genuine passion for what each individual does with these plants and in the gardens. Doug's style of communicating how to find balance and a path to let the teas support wellness and allow healing was what people need to hear these days.

Stephen Rouelle
Stephen Rouelle

The Healing is Real

Kauai Farmacy is awesome! Doug and his crew are some of the most respectable, honest, loving people I have ever met. The products they offer are found no where else and truly make me feel incredible. In specific, the COMFREY balm Doug gave me is just MIND BLOWING. THANK YOU DOUG! This has been game-changing for my surfing, and all other sports. The recovery time is just so much faster and the healing is real, so I can continue doing what I love better, grow faster and get stronger. We will be recommending you to our Pure Kauai clients. Aloha and God bless. Keep up the great work.
-Luan Becerra
Luan Becerra

It is a Must Stop - Revolutionary!

If you have never been to Kauai Farmacy, it is a must stop! What Doug & Genna and the team at the 'farm' is creating is revolutionary. To treat, heal and energize our bodies through real food, plants and herbs and learn about the medicinal properties of what we can grow and eat is amazing. Thank you Kauai Farmacy for the products you are creating. Go get yourself some teas, tinctures, and salves. Heal and energize yourself from within. They also have an amazing tour every Wed & Fri at 10am.

Anna Gerber

Anna Gerber

When Love Meets Soil...

Love these guys! The Farmacy is a purpose-driven project with great intention and even greater potential. Don't miss an opportunity to see what happens when love meets soil. You won't be disappointed!

Tim Schulte Jr.

Tim Schulte Jr.

We loved it so much, we visited twice!

We went searching for an education and we found an amazing resource at the Kauai Farmacy. All of the crew are knowledgeable, friendly and passionate about the plants they grow and how they can enhance our lives. We loved it so much we visited twice on our short trip and we will be back on our next trip!

Robert Hayes

Robert Hayes

Everything has Exceeded my Expectations!

Everything I've ordered from Kauai Farmacy has exceeded my expectations...from the teas - Love Potion, Tulsi, Tranquility, VitaliTea, PuriTea, as well as the spices - Curry (favorite), Turmeric, Cacao + Olena. They are so fresh, aromatic and alive with goodness! I look forward to visiting the farm one day. Mahalo for your hard work!

Kathy Juliano

Kathy Juliano

Buzz Chew - Loving this Stuff!!!!!

Good stuff!!!!! I am loving my Buzz chew, it's perfectly balanced, all natural and delicious!  Loving this stuff!!!!! Have been using it at work, so clean and so fresh!!!! Thank you, Genna Wolkon and Kauai Farmacy!!!!

5 STAR REVIEW - We visited twice on our short trip!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

We went searching for an education and we found an amazing resource at the Kauai Farmacy. All of the crew are knowledgeable, friendly and passionate about the plants they grow and how they can enhance our lives. We loved it so much we visited twice on our short trip and we will be back on our next trip!



Love, Love, Love!!!

I love, love, love my Buzz Chew!!!

Nicole Sondermann

Nicole Sondermann

This Stuff is Awesome

[Buzz Chew] This stuff is awesome.

Kathi Lorber Bleen

Always one in my Purse

I love this stuff. Healthy alternative to gum or mints. There's always one in my purse.

Shannon Scantlin

Best Tasting and Freshest I've Ever Had

Everything I've ordered from Kauai Farmacy has exceeded my expectations...from the teas - Love Potion, Tulsi, Tranquility, VitaliTea, PuriTea, as well as the spices - Curry (favorite), Turmeric, Cacao + Olena. They are so fresh, aromatic and alive with goodness! I look forward to visiting the farm one day. Mahalo for your hard work!

This turmeric is absolutely amazing...great for inflammation, fresh with a wonderful flavor! Your teas and spices are the best tasting and freshest I've ever had. Mahalo to all of you at the farm who work so hard to share this "medicine" with us.

Kathy Juliano

Kathy Juliano

Helping Husband's Aching Feet

I have the Vitalitea, the Cacoa Olena, and curry already! I obsessed! The comfrey salve is amazing. My husband has been a roofer for years and the salve is really helping his aching feet! 🙏🏻

Natalie Swart

Natalie Swart

Follow up...Comfrey Salve helps Snake's Kinked Tail!

   I am a big fan of your products. I've been using the product for quite some time. My snake uses the comfrey salve for her kinked tale it works for her it relieves the swelling and helps her with her bathroom habits.
I have chronic bronchitis and Since I've been using the products I can breathe I have more energy my skin and face are vibrant. amazing product. Have a great day!

-Cheryl Chandler.

-Cheryl Chandler.

My Favorite New Way to Use it!

I'm always happy to get my shipment of healthy greens for my smoothies from my friends at Kauai Farmacy! I love to cook with the island Turmeric and, my new favorite way to use it, in my homemade kombucha 

Thanks Genna and Doug for your care and prep of these health-promoting plants    Danette Goodyear

Danette Goodyear I just brushed my teeth!

Okay... I was just taking calls sitting at my desk job, and feeling a bit down. So I figured Id give a first try to the Buzz chew herbs, for fun. I just took the smallest pinch possible and the next thing I know I'm smiling for no reason and my breath feels like I just brushed my teeth! That is pretty cool... I now have big expectations for the teas lol.

Gab Masson

Gab Masson

Salve for my Snake

I am excited I just bought a jar of comfrey salve for my snake. We've been sharing a jar and running out quickly. She has a kinked tail and I find the salve helps her with her inflammation around the kink and the big plus it helps heal bones. Sense she's been using the salve I can tell she's doing a lot better and able to go to the restroom regularly. Before using the salve she was irregular with her restroom habits. Love Kauai Farmacy.

CeeCee Chandler

CeeCee Chandler

Grown with Prana

This company is so incredible, having the most fresh, nutrient dense herbs and botanicals you can put in your body or on your skin. These products are grown with prana and complete care of the plants constituents and pure essence. Also this farm produces everything mor-ganically (better than organic)! Check them out if you want to freshen up your diet or regimen with highly mineralized plant products made locally in Kauai...the garden island!!

Kyle Numen

Kyle Numen

Healed my cracked cuticles

This comfrey [salve] is amazing it has healed my cracked cuticles within a week.

CeeCee Chandler

CeeCee Chandler

Tea Tree (hydrosol) as deodorant

Just got my 3 hydrosols. Great products. I've tried the Tea Tree one as deodorant and worked great. I was using Thai liquid before but found the T3 hydrosol to be better. Thank you for making such wonderful products. Now you have to start working on making soaps and shampoos/conditioners.

Odin Moreira

Odin Moreira


chloe-snap2@kauaifarmacytea products are life-changing. Literally cured my sore throat overnight.

Posted by: Chloe Roth (@chloeroth)

Chloe Roth

Healing Stiffness and Pain

Your turmeric/ginger/cacao blend (Cacao Olena) and your straight turmeric powder, as well as your Endurance powder, are all extremely alkalizing and have been fantastic with healing stiffness and pain.
Thomas Engel
Thomas Engel

Kauai Farmacy! Super amazing place!!

Our first several days on the Garden Island have been super relaxing!  Today we got to take a tour of one of our favorite places - Kauai Farmacy! Super amazing place!!

Feeling thankful with Josie Williams at Kauai Farmacy.



Loved the garden tour

I totally enjoyed the Kauai Farmacy tour, it is a gardener and herb lovers paradise. The owner, Doug, and his staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. We were able to see up close many healthy herb's and trees that provide the raw materials for the teas and salves. We were able to see the drying process, quite an ingenious set up.
If you can't go to their farm, they can be found at the Saturday Farmers Market in Kilauea.
Thanks, love the teas and comfrey salve I purchased.

Susan Diane Whittington

Susan Diane Whittington

Highest of high products

Thank you all for the intentions you all set for the highest of high products, and for the delicateness in which you guys practice with integrity for each product.

Michaelshawna Martin

Michaelshawna Martin

Life Changing Experience

While in Kauai I had the privilege of visiting Kauai Farmacy. It was a life changing experience. The farm is not only magical, but drinking their teas has elevated my health, my spirit and changed my lifestyle.
-Margot Sorensen

First off I want to thank you for your fine products.

I purchased a tin of your love potion and buzz chew.  I liked them so much I had to place another order over the weekend for 3 more of your tea's to try!  Hands down the best and most potent I have ever tasted.  Job well done.  Tell your team to keep up the great work!  I hope I can make it out to see your beautiful garden some day.  Great you tube videos as well, these really sell your product.
Ed D.

Walkin' the walk!

Kaua'i Farmacy! Walkin' the walk! Love the Tulsi hydrosol. Clearing the sinuses. Brilliant.

Ellen Del Bene

Ellen Del Bene

Feeling Balanced

I am drinking your women wellness tea for little more than a month now, I feel so much more balanced, calmer a thankful...I am loving it. Thank you for growing such a wonderful herbs!! ?

Barbora Gildeinova

Barbora Gildeinova

Love the Health Benefits!

Just love the health benefits and pure fresh herbs of your teas. I have been making a batch of tea and store in mason jar in fridge. I take a mason jar fill with ice some brewed Kauai Farmacy Tea and my home made ginger water then fill the rest with Berkey filtered water. So refreshing.
Thanks for all you guys do.??

Debbie Capaldi

Debbie Capaldi

Superb quality and integrity!

I drink the womens wellness tea! Thanks kauai farmacy for superb quality and integrity!

MichaelShawna Martin

MichaelShawna Martin

Very beneficial for women

Kauai Farmacy Very beneficial for women period regulation ''Love Potion'' Regulating emotion and cellular balance.



Forever be my medicine!

The Love potion tea is magical! The first sip makes you feel as if everything is gonna be okay! I love it's calming yet loving effect! It really is natures medicine! I love the women's wellness tea it's great for my breast milk and the Puritea is very potent for gental detoxification! I will try every tea and they will forever be my medicine! A big thanks to Dan for sharing and thanks to Doug and Genna for caring and to the whole Kauai Farmacy!!

Cierra Millbrook

Freshest and Best Tasting

kathy-juliano-picThese teas and spices are the freshest and best tasting you will ever find...EVER!! Mahalo for the work you is truly appreciated

Kathy Juliano

Kathy Juliano

Loving the tea!!

My order arrived today, loving the tea!! Thank you!
fb-barora repost
Barbora Gildeinova

Definitely do this tour!

If you ever get the chance, definitely do this tour! Not only is it educational, entertaining, and tasty - I came away with a deeper perspective on what living in harmony with the island is really about. Doug and his family and all the workers at the farm have huge hearts and a true appreciation for Mother Earth.

Bill Bender's photo.
Bill Bender
Bill Bender

Sore muscles - Instant Relief!

Comfrey Salve 1.7oz-38Just giving you a great review on your comfy salve. I have started fascia blasting and with that can come bruising and some aches and pains and I'm telling g you your salve is instant relief for sore muscles. Thank you very much

Lynn Babbitt Pratt

Lynn Babbitt Pratt

Energy throughout the day

I've on your energy formula...[Green Energy] and they are give me a wonderful amount of energy throughout the day. Will see order more. Thank you

Annette Totton

Annette Totton

Medicine straight from mama earth

Now is an excellent time astrologically to cleanse. As the seasons shift and the moon is dark it's good to turn inward and give our bodies a rest from the constant input of solid food, giving a chance for stagnation to clear, allowing more space and light to enter our bodies. In this way we shed one layer, cleaning out the cobwebs, and are able to reach that next level of clarity, vibrancy and vitality. Clearing out and at the same time nourishing the physical vessel gives us the opportunity to integrate these major shifts that have been occurring recently. Time to Level Up!!
I figured I would share my cleanse protocol with you right now. I am totally in love with the Kauai Farmacy teas. They are grown with intentions for love and healing, and drinking them is like sipping on a magical cup of bliss.I actually feel like i'm healing myself just by drinking them, and that energy translates into my body. They are medicine straight from mama earth in the purest way. The unique and powerful blend of herbal medicines are so nourishing, cleansing, calming, and supportive of our different organs and body systems. It's also just something yummy, nutritive and alkalizing to sip on while cleansing. I'll drink them hot in the morning and room temp during the day since it is pretty hot here in Hawaii. They are always a go-to when I'm needing some extra high vibrational nourishment.

Nicole Santoro


Love Potion...Immediate Results

sonia james-profile-picJust ordered the "Love Potion"...the freshest herbs I've ever had. Immediate results...thank you for stepping out and growing these amazing herbs in Hawaii and making them available for us! Thank you!

Sonia James

  Sonia James

Your turmeric powder is absolutely amazing

Your turmeric powder is absolutely amazing. I have tried half a dozen different powders claiming to be organic and all have given me nausea or heartburn. Your powder is the best. No digestive issues at all…..and your powder has diminished my joint pain, something OTC or prescription pain pills or anti-inflammatories have not done in the past. I drink turmeric powder, cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar in warm water every morning when I first wake up. The results are amazing and wonderful. I am so happy that I found your company!


Cleared [Migraine] up in 10 minutes

Guys I drink the love potion every day. The after-taste of cacao is just wife had a migraine headache and I gave her some......cleared it up in 10mins......truly awesome tea

Doubil T.

Hey peeps I lost 25#

I love you guys! Your beautiful ppl. who care about other ppl. Don't find that a lot these days. I just try to be myself and the right ppl. will appear... (oh god that is scary) Hey peeps I lost 25# but gainedbonlyv4# on vacation because I didn't have my tea with me! I am OUT of tea but too lazy to go to computer and order but I will tomorrow because without my beautiful tea life is so different!!I don't feel right without my daily "medication"!!!! Hey Dougie saving the remains of the tea and steeping it 2x really does work. I get about 4 extra cups doing that.

Oh I didn't say good bye! So peace and Happy Labor Day to you guys and those beautiful children of yours!! Thank you!


Noreen E.

Women's Wellness...WOW!

Erin Simone-picI tried the Women's Wellness for the first time this morning and WOW! The taste was so lovely and I cannot get over the peacefulness, calmness and grounding clarity it imparted. I am so thrilled to take note of the cumulative benefits over the next few weeks! I have been following you through Dan on his YouTube channel and the work you do is incredible@kauaifarmacytea ??✨

ERIN SIMONE MEYERS: Vegan Private Chef who inspires a beautful, holistic lifestyle!


Erin Simone

So happy with my purchase !!!

I just received my tin of Turmeric powder. It is so fresh..the smell tells it all. I already knew it would be amazing after watching the videos Dan posted, and also the company's own videos of their farm. I will not purchase Turmeric from any other source. Thank you for the work you do....I look forward to purchasing other products from your farm in the near future.


Women's Wellness tea for hot flashes

Doris Blommer DostThank you so much for the hard work that you do on your farm to help so many people like me. Been using the women's wellness tea for hot flashes which are now gone and to increase my iron. So many blessings to all

Doris Blommer Dost's photo.
Doris Blommer Dost's photo.
Doris Blommer Dost

People who care about the health of the environment as well as your health

I LOVE these guys. Their family farm is beautiful and run by people who care about the health of the environment as well as your health. They love it when people stop by to see what they are doing and they even let you play in the dirt with them!
Dori Madsen

It's been 5 weeks now and I am down 10 lbs!!

I drink my tea EVERY day because I love it! I add nothing to it but ice. I feel like I'm detox. all day! Actually I have given up that awful soda Coke since visiting the Farm and its been 5 weeks now and I am down 10 lbs!! Yeah for me!! HeHe !!

Noreen Elkins

I love their PuriTea and use it all the time

kitchen-harvest-jiceJust thought I'd share this for anyone interested (or loves tea). These wonderful people make incredible teas at their magnificent gardens in Hawaii and ship them state side! I've ordered teas from them several times and they really are fabulous. (soooo good . I think once you taste the difference between the tea you buy in the store.... and tea like this....there's no going back. ♥♥♥)

Lea Kennedy

It's amazing!!

[Women's Wellness tea] - I drink this tea every morning- it's amazing!!

Abigail Lajti

No more hot flashes...Love this Tea

This [Women's Wellness tea] has helped me so much. I have no more hot flashes. I drink a cup of it every day ☕️Love love this Tea?

Doris Blommer Dost

Their teas are amazing and tasty and I'm already feeling better

We loved our experience at the farm!! Doug and his wife along with the workers have made the most beautiful herbal health farm that we have ever been to! Their teas are amazing and tasty and I'm already feeling better. We for sure will be back! ALOHA

p.s. I also enjoyed the the fresh coconut water!

Noreen and Ernie Elkins


I've been drinking a cup every day since my order arrived. OMG!!! All I can say is THANK YOU! I love you guys, your videos, every single thing about you, the company and your family. And I could just hug you for sending me the Tumeric/Ginger sample. XOXO

Adella Gonzalez

My energy feels supercharged

☕️tea time is now a daily thing esp since your teas are extremely responsive I'll notice my energy feels supercharged ?and better quality of sleeping? too super excited to gain more long term results and just appreciate all you guys do! Truly giving back means so much and someday I'll be able to build a business where I can make our world better and offer healing assistance like Kauai Farmacy! Nameste ?
Peati B.

I am a transformed woman!

Dear Doug and Genna, You are both some of the most shining examples of Consciousness on this Planet. Thanks for growing amazing medicine with love, drying it with the utmost care and delivering it in pretty little tins to people, like me, who really need your healing herbs! By simply drinking your teas in the morning and throughout the day over the past 2 weeks, I have been able to finally quit my daily coffee habit, have achieved an elevated energy and an overall clarity that i didn't have before...and I can feel the subtle potent healing power of your teas working to balance me from the inside out. Thank you for the power of your passion and for sharing your gifts with all of us here -I am a transformed woman! and WE are ALL truly blessed!
Brandi M Miller

#ShineOn from Gabby & Laird's group

March 12 at 10:37am

Was a part of Gabby & Laird's group yesterday and just wanted to say thank you! Your little farm is amazing! The turmeric lemonade was AWESOME! And you guys were so gracious and kind. Thank you so much! ‪#‎ShineOn‬ 

Kauai Farmacy visitor from Gabrielle Reese, Laird Hamilton, Win Hof & Brian Mackenzie's XPT Experience Retreat 2016
John Brown

Where the Magic Happens!!

Sarah-WatermanThank you for the lovely stroll of where the magic happens!!! Truly blessed to have great medicine grown organically right here on Kauai! You, Genna and your team are just what the doctor ordered! ‪#‎KauaiFarmacy‬ ‪#‎Kauai‬ ‪#‎ILoveMyLife‬ ‪#‎BuyLocal‬ ‪#‎OrganicLiving‬ ‪#‎SuperTea‬ ‪#‎WheresWaterman‬
Sarah Waterman

Tranquil Sleep

Love this tea. It really helps me sleep better.

Lillian S.

First Class Herbs - Kauai Farmacy

These first class herb teas and blends as a staple in my kitchen and worth every cent.

Catherine B.

A farm based dispensary of medicine? Yes Please!!

A farm based dispensary of medicine? Yes Please!! How can you not love a company with such passion for growing and producing such fresh, raw, potent, healing herbs and powders. The only thing better would be getting on a plane and visiting the farm in HI myself. Kauai Farmacytea-tins5web

Amie Hoff
Hoff Fitness

Appreciating Energy herbal tea on the daily.

Energy-pic2webAppreciating this herbal tea on the daily.
Mahalo Kauai Farmacy and I can't wait to come check out your organic farm tour soon!

Samantha Fox Olson

Comfrey Root on a Non-believer

Comfrey Root on a non-believer:

I was sitting with my boyfriend the other evening and he was complaining about his elbow that he hyper extended over a month ago. For this reason, he was unable to go to the gym, straighten his arm, or really use it in any functional way. I convinced him to use the comfrey root that Genna had used on me when I was visiting her and her family in Hawaii. I want to state that my boyfriend has no interest, belief or faith in herbal remedies. So, when I slathered the brown herbal root all around his elbow, he was very doubtful of what was going on. He also made plenty of jokes about this healing technique and rolled his eyes several times at the whole process. However, when he woke up in the morning he was curious as to whether or not his elbow felt a little better. Later that evening, he reluctantly told me that for the first time in over a month he went to the gym and was able to lift weights with his right arm.  He did, however, say that it has been over a month and it was possible that his arm felt better because of the time he had given it. But, he is willing to admit, there is a possibility, that the comfrey root did aid in healing his arm more quickly and while he's not 100% yet, he did ask me to apply it to him one more time.. I might just make him beg me before I do 🙂

Jessica R.

Using a product from the land

beach-1I've been drinking Kauai Farmacy tea, the puritea and now the women's wellness tea. The puritea is like a gentle cleanse but a cleanse nonetheless and has really helped me see some patterns in my life. I think it's so important to cleanse and give your body and mind space to take a look at what goes in our bodies and how it affects us. I really like both these teas, the taste is nice and I like the feeling of using a product from the land that I am surrounded in.

Thanks Genna Wolkon and Doug at Kauai Farmacy! I really appreciate such good tea.

Mary-Martha Hull

Love these teas so much.

Love these teas so much. I always hated hot tea that's why I don't drink coffee it's hot lol. But since drinking these teas I thought I would try hot since it's cold in Ohio it was to my surprise so good. I couldn't believe it. I love them cold too with lemon and stevia

Tina Kelch

The best in the game.

Aloha everyone at Kauai; whom have had their part in this awesome experience, from vision to all aspects of your contributions. Every ounce of care from seed to flower, I've felt all of your vibrations, all the way from Toronto, Canada. I wanted to say thank you.

Where do I start? Firstly, speaking with Doug at Kauai is an experience in it's own. He took his time to speak with me on the phone and answered all of my questions and was very insightful. I recommend you try and get him when you can, it just adds to the whole Kauai experience. After speaking with Doug I made an order on the site and received my teas in good time. The packaging and the tin are fabulous and are exactly as pictured. Opening the tin I got pleasant whiff of the aroma, love potion is so calming and powerful it left a nice fragrance around my room.

Tasting the tea for the first time was nothing like I've ever experienced before. I've had herbal tea's from all over the world, all strains of life and nothing compares in my opinion. The flavor profile is beyond anything that I've had . The taste is very clean and distinct, I know my body very well and I can sense when something isn't right like how most tea's make me feel.

After spending a week with the love potion, I could get a better sense of my own consciousness that these herbs made me more aware of. At all points of the day I felt more at ease with myself when I was sipping this tea. I am always going through stressful situations because I do it to myself, and I feel like I stepped away from that just by the level of consciousness I reached from this tea. It's pretty powerful stuff in my experience.

I'm 31yo male, I am pretty in tune with my health, but sometimes I ride the wave and end up at the bottom but am able to bounce back. I got this tea when i was riding low and has brought me back to a level I can vibe with.

The things I've experienced with this tea is the consciousness, felt more energized, was less stressed, clearer headed, better sleeping pattern, waking up feeling more charged, more calmed nervous system, cleaner smelling body odor, better bowel movements, better focus, LESS INFLAMMATION.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to exploring each and every one of your teas 🙂

Thank you,


Myron D

I absolutely love them

I absolutely love them. One telling example is that I used to take magnesium to unwind and calm racing thoughts before going to bed before you sent me the brews. But in no time the teas truly improved and optimized my sleep, exactly like you said in one of your videos, it slows down your body when it needs it the most, while the other herbal teas have increased my energy levels and libido. Overall I just felt like I had a greater clarity of mind within a few weeks of drinking the teas.

Camille Bienvenu

I was skeptical but WOW... I'll never buy tea from anyone else but Kauai Farmacy!!!

I was skeptical about the health claims and benefits of tea. I have many 'supermarket' varieties in my cabinet because of all the health articles claiming tea can heal so much; I am very interested in wholistic health and healing naturally but tea is something I have never been 'sold' on. No tea has made me a believer (until NOW!) I read of the touted benefits of drinking one cup of green tea every day but no matter what type of tea I don't seem to feel any different, if anything I would have to say I have felt worse after drinking most supermarket teas, I don't generally ingest caffeine in any other form so I've always attributed that to my disposition towards teas however I kept hearing about Kauai Farmacy's naturally grown teas and since I watch Dan McDonald's video of their 'tea garden & hut' it has been in the back of my head to try these teas until I saw the price and thought... surely no tea is good enough for that, goodness! It wasn't until I received a discount code one day that I thought I would give it a try. I have not been feeling well lately and have attributed it to an imbalance in hormones and stress so this email came at the perfect moment that a 'Women's Wellness' tea would be just what I needed!
I [still skeptically] ordered the tea and awaited excitedly for this little tin of herbs to arrive... (after very quick shipping from Hawaii) I put the tin of tea in my cupboard thinking I would try it one of these days.
It wasn't until a week later, I had been extremely stressed from work and had a stomach ache for three days, I had not slept well, I was tossing and turning, I just felt 'off' and I remembered that tea in the cupboard and thought now is a better time than any!
I have no interest in a tea from any other company in the world after just one cup of Kauai Farmacy, nothing could compare.
I almost immediately felt a sense of calming come over me that evening, after an hour or so my digestive woes (for the past three days) seemed to alleviate and I went to bed a few hours later to sleep the best I had in weeks!!
Literally the FIRST CUP changed my life... & I am actually drinking it while I write this morning.
This tea does not give me the icky feeling that all other 'caffeine' teas do, even my herbal blends from the supermarket do not compare to this physical feeling this tea gives me.
I honestly believe Kauai Farmacy has nailed exactly what the female body needs to balance out and has blended this tea to perfection! The freshness is unprecedented in this day and time! The taste is incredible and the way I feel is PRICELESS!


We are big fans of the CURRY culinary spice blend.

We grow Breadfruit and are actively promoting its nutritive and commercial value. We are big fans of the CURRY culinary spice blend. The curry blend enhances (wakes up) every dish, fresh and cooked, that I sprinkle it on. I love the smell and tingly sensation that I am also sprinkling a pinch on my drinks. So amazing how just a little pinch can improve food and drink. I am a long time user of imported curry spices but this is the first time that I have a blend that I enjoy in
cooked foods and sprinkled raw on salads, guacamole dips, & drinks.

Elli Ward

Just amazing

There are no words to describe how much the ‘Women’s Wellness’ tea has changed my life. My menstrual cycle has always been something that I dreaded, like everyone else, because my experience was awful. As long as I can remember, I have had extremely painful cramps, vomiting, etc. I had been to the doctors many times trying to find a solution to this or something that would minimize the amount of pain I was having. Their only solution was to put me on birth control to ‘regulate’ my cycle and help with the cramping and pain. I opted to go on birth control at the recommendation of my doctor and was on it for three years. Once I realized the effect that it was having not only on my body but my mind as well I stopped using it. Although it was helping with my pain, the negatives outweighed this. As I stopped using it, it took over a year for my body and mind to go back to normal. The pain came back and I knew that I would just have to deal with it.

My boyfriend has always been kind and considerate by constantly looking to find something that would help me, so for my birthday he reached out to Kauai Farmacy, and found this special blend that he thought might help. He did not realize how much it would in fact help me until I started to see unbelievable results. I started by drinking it a week before my cycle and all throughout. The first time that I had it, I didn’t even realize it was happening. That in itself was a miracle for me. I didn’t have any bloating or other symptoms that one would usually have ahead of time. Then I noticed some other changes as well – it felt as if my body was beginning to clean out all of the toxins that were in my system. My skin was clear and I felt energized. It was very clear to me that there were changes happening in my body and that this tea was the reason. I have since been drinking it daily and the monthly excruciating pain has gone away. Of course, as everyone does, I have symptoms but nothing that is unbearable. My cycle was always a full week and now it has been shortened by a day, sometimes two. I never thought that I would feel this way, and that all of these changes were possible from a tea, I wouldn’t have believed it myself if I didn’t personally experience it first hand. This is why I feel that it is important to share my story with others who may have the same symptoms and are looking for help. I finally feel that my cycle and body are being ‘regulated’ in the most natural way and it has given me mental clarity and a whole new outlook on life.

I will be re-purchasing this tea for as long as they make it as it is the best gift that I could have ever received. Thank you Kauai Farmacy for making this truly special and life changing blend!

Dragana T

Dragana T

Working with Kauai Farmacy

Working/volunteering in the gardens of Kauai Farmacy is a magical experience.. Imagine a Garden of Tropical Eden and sprinkle on it every imaginable healing herb and plant. Not only does everything in the beautiful products come directly from these healing gardens, but the people working and volunteering in the gardens bring an extra oomph to the blends - never have I worked in a place which combines lightness and fun with such a level of committed integrity and "groundedness". Kauai Farmacy has taken off the way it has because the people behind it have heart and are fully committed. They are the future.


Working with Kauai Farmacy

Working/volunteering in the gardens of Kauai Farmacy is a magical experience.. Imagine a Garden of Tropical Eden and sprinkle on it every imaginable healing herb and plant. Not only does everything in the beautiful products come directly from these healing gardens, but the people working and volunteering in the gardens bring an extra oomph to the blends - never have I worked in a place which combines lightness and fun with such a level of committed integrity and "groundedness". Kauai Farmacy has taken off the way it has because the people behind it have heart and are fully committed. They are the future.


I love the teas

I love the teas and would love to share a review. I just started drinking them and both days of drinking Wellness tea, I am thinking that it has curbed my appetite, and I ate 1/2 of what I normally would eat. I feel that it must be the tea. THAT Is Awesome 🙂 The puritea, also on my 2nd cup and the 1st on was a gentle cleans. I have had other detox teas that literally empty you out and even cause burning in my esophagus and with a little research and a few shots of 100% pure aloe juice I learned to live with the side effects. I had an amazing experience with puritea no weird side effects. Passion tea was also very tasty and I have only had one cup looking forward to sharing my testimonials. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for caring to change the world,


The Tulsi is awesome!

The Tulsi is awesome! I ran out and definitely noticed a difference when I didn’t have my tea. I just received the Wellness blend yesterday (so happy that it came so fast) and I’m enjoying a cup as I write this. I love that I don’t need to alter or add anything to my morning beverage! I was never really a big coffee drinker (only 1 cup/day), well, I no longer drink coffee and that eliminates 2 tsp of sugar a day and a plastic Kcup to boot! I do believe you have a permanent customer and I look forward to trying more things. I will also be sure to not run out ever again! Thank you


Lost 10 pounds

Yea to your hard work. I have lost 10 pounds the cravings are going down and my sex drive is back in gear. Love you guys, keep up the good work.

Love this tea, I slather what I have used on the body. My skin is clear for once. My body even smells better.

Thank you,


Yea to your hard work

I have lost 10 pounds the cravings are going down and my sex drive is back in gear. Love you guys, keep up the good work.

Love this tea, I slather what I have used on the body. My skin is clear for once. My body even smells better.

Thank you,



Stress headache totally gone

Love my tea. I had a very bad stress headache yesterday and drank my very first cup of Tulsi Tea and after rushing around to make dinner and get out of the house for rehearsal I realized my headache was totally gone and the stressed out feeling. So thankful. 🙂

And my husband said he slept very well last night. He also said he did not need his morning coffee at work. My daughter starting taking the women's blend and I'll keep you posted. On the yummy note we all think it tastes great as well. I will be spreading the word in the Seattle area for you for sure.

Lynn Babbit Pratt

Feeling so at peace

Your Women's Wellness tea is so flavorful and makes me feel so at peace w/in and yet so focused and alert!


Feeling the good mojo

Sitting here sipping my women's wellness tea.  Love the taste, subtle, smooth.  Can feel the good mojo. Thank you!!  Looking forward to trying the Tranquility blend. Your farm is simply amazing.


Our wonderful visit with your family and your fantastic farm

Aloha Doug & Genna, thank you again for the wonderful and nurturing time that we spent with you last Friday. I cannot believe that I am home so soon...however, I have been having my Women's Wellness Tea faithfully etc. Glad that we were the only ones there, so we feel that we really got to know you. We will spread the word about Kauai Farmacy, and it will be a must for our next visit next year. It was the highlight of our trip!!! So glad, Doug, that you were on the beach ... it was serendipity! Let us know if you ever come our way. Mahalo and Aloha

Patti Doran

Highlight of our trip

Doug and Family & Staff,

Thank you so very much for all of your precious time today at the farm. We all agreed it was, by far, the highlight of our trip. Meeting you and your family and seeing what you all are doing, how you are living and most of all, what you are giving back was and is most inspiring. We felt so welcomed and nourished, body and soul, by the time we left, that we went to Anini to see a turtle and we did! Very auspicious indeed!

Keep spreading the love and the healing (as we will spread the word) and keep living what you Love! Many thanks also to Genna for her time with us too.

See you next time. Aloha,

Christi, Tim, Patti and Clare

No more store bought tea for me!

I dig everything about kauai Farmacy! More on Doug n Gennas farm, teas, plans for future growings. Like chocolate mint. Grow that too I love the tea I bought I have it twice a day, it lasts a long time too as you only need about 1 teaspoon at a time. I will buy lots more. No more store bought tea for me!


Family Relationships, Health & Wellbeing

U both Rock!..Beautiful Genna so awesome ..a natural teacher ..Thank you and your lovely Husband and family for inspiring me to introduce your teas to my Family..since using your Tea (Tulsi) I've observed all sorts of changes happening to my body/Mind Healing and opening to the Source of all things ..Crystal Healing ..Reiki Healing ..Essential Organic oils .Raw Foods..Family Relationships Health and Wellbeing..I cant put a price on these things but from my Heart to yours ..I Thank you..Blessings..


Healthy Addiction

Chill powder from the Kauai farmacy is the best. I am truly addicted.


Digging the tea!

I dig everything about kauai Farmacy! I love the tea I bought. I have it twice a day. It lasts a long time too as you only need about 1 teaspoon at a time. I will buy lots more. No more store bought tea for me!

Love the Compassion

I found this site about a month ago...I love the education you guys do on youtube and I have tried Love Potion, Puritea , Mamaki Chai and Tulsi.  I love all the teas I have tried they all have a great taste. I haven't been disappointed with any of the teas, but have to say Tulsi is my go to, it is refreshing and lite. Doug and Genna thank you for your passion to put pure love in what you do, to give people what they need, and the processing you do. Your care in what you give your people it's not just another tea, it's vitamins an nutrients. You are a blessing, I wish more companys were like you guys. I thank the lord for dropping you guys in my life being able to talk to Doug on the phone. He always calls back. Aways keep educating us.

tina kelch

Daytime energy & best night's sleep...

Hi ...(In drinking the) Tranquility blend, I've never been helped more by anything else I've ever tried. I haven't had good sleep in 15 years. Drinking the blend and sleeping and waking without any grogginess is a miracle. I believe God gave us the herbs for our healing and I believe what you are doing is a wonderful gift. Thank you for your dedication and love for the herbs. It really shows! The endurance powder also gives me a steady energy through out my day without any feeling of artificial stimulants. Blessings to your family and everyone else on the farm.


LOVE it!

Received my PuriTea. LOVE it! you guys ROCK:)

Beautiful Transformation

For the longest time I have been suffering from numerous ailments mainly anxiety and depression. I am so impressed with the potency of this product that I just can't get enough. The healing effects of drinking the tea daily are outstanding. I could feel the loving effects on the very first sip. Thank you so much Kauai Farmacy for standing up for health and changing lives with some of the most potent herbal tea on the planet!

Michael Martin

Healthy Gums

I met Doug at the Farmacy caravan in July and purchased some Buzz Chew.  I carry it with me and share.  I love the clean feeling in my mouth and also know I'm doing good for my gums.


Broken Toe Healed!

About a month ago I broke my toe after smashing it into a concrete step. It became very black and bruised and I had to hobble about. I was advised to go to Kauai Farmacy by a friend and get some comfrey tinctures. I didn't make it to the Farmacy until a week after my accident - but when I did finally arrive, Genna immediately made a comfrey root and first aid mixture and put it on my toe to help it heal. She explained how it all works and exactly what I should do for optimal recovery and also recommended a tea - which I bought too. After just a few days the bruises had almost gone away and shortly after all the pain was gone. Within 3 weeks it was totally healed and I've been fine ever since. I actually forgot it even happened until I was asked to share my experience! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! Awesome people amazing products. Much love!


Our return to health


Our family is blessed beyond words to receive herbal healing remedies from Kauai Farmacy. Genna and Doug have an amazing passion for health through herbs and nutrition. They are such positive role models in my life.  When I get confused about how to deal with healing issues, they remind me that the way to health and healing is simple, like the plants that grow in perfect wholeness. The herbs naturally attune to the body's organic frequency. There's a connection of resonance between the plant and the being that encourages health to flourish. Kauai Farmacy embodies a relationship of respect for the earth, and our bodies. The herbal teas and extracts are all alive and fresh from the garden, full of life force energy. Even in times of serious injury, when bodies were out of balance, the herbs from Kauai Farmacy kickstarted our return to health and aided in our recovery.

When my husband fell off his bike, fracturing nasal bones, the "First Aid" extract supported his healing so quickly and effectively that he was back to work in a couple of days and he had no bruises afterwards.

When I was suffering with an infected tooth, the "First Aid" and "Buzz Chew", along with other wise nutritional recommendations, totally reduced swelling and diminished pain. I was also able to avoid unnecessary dental procedures.

I love that with the help of the herbs of Kauai Farmacy, I am responsible for my health and well-being.

Mahalo nui loa,

Samantia Renee

Never had a better nights sleep

One cannot really grasp how great the tea is until there is a visit to the farm. It's a set in a beautiful setting. Doug and his family run a spectacular operation that is based on using natural foundations of the land and spending the time and love to produce excellent tea. They share a fundamental understanding on how to cure and prevent diseases through natural means. I've recently bought a powder of lemon verbena, gardenia, and tulsi and it is one of the most relaxing blends I have had yet. I have never had a better night's sleep.

I look forward to buying more of awesome tea from Kauai Farmacy.


Kevin T.


I've known Doug and Genna for a number of years. Doug has been preaching to me, basically since we met, that I needed to hydrate my body, especially with the amount of exercise I do playing my style of Hack. Well, a few months ago I suffered an injury to my achilles and although not catastrophic, it was getting my continual attention. Doug recommended "First Aid", and drinking tea. I started out with the Wellness Tea and a bottle of the magical healing juice, First Aid, and within a few days I was noticing a difference. To be honest, I am not sure when the transition happened from feeling almost continual pain to not noticing it. Now, three months later, I cannot even feel where the pain originated. I am now hooked on tea in the morning and have tried almost all of their flavors. I recommend First Aid to any friends who are having any type of injury, and everyone to hydrate themselves! Big mahalo to Doug and Genna for bringing their expertise and natural healing remedies to share with the world!

zander p

Nature's Gift

One of a midsummer night, while I was deep asleep, a centipede bit my left hand. It was a light tingle with no pain, so I let my body to ease into the sensation and went back to sleep.

On 2nd day, itching and swelling conjunction of pain had not improve. We purchased ointment from a general store hoping for a relief yet no effect. On 3rd day, entire my left hand were like a glove, all five finger tips were numb with lack of circulation, so my husband Michael took me to the ER then immediate hospitalization at the KMC.

There, for three days, I was in 24 hours iv injections among with 9 different very strong antibiotics shots to calm the conditions. I was very much concerned as I seldom use drugs and very aware of body’s natural healing energy, to have high quantity of antibiotics use in such a short period. Yet as a doctor who was treating me was unable to determine what kind of bacteria from the centipede’s teeth was causing physiological changes, I went for it.

This experience has brought a light to common medical industry’s ignorance treating patients in sameness not clearly understanding individual’s unique reactions to the chemical injection.

This was a big reason I did choose not to go back to a hospital when a reaction of the antibiotic treatments caused a heavy skin rush on my left shoulder and neck area.

I was letting time to heal the rashes however conditions were remain the same, so as I often do, I went into a meditative state and asked for a guidance within.

“First Aid” from the Kauai Farmacy was what I have received as my answer.

Immediately, Michael drove over to their Tea Wagon (but it was after their opening hour), connected with a local health food store to got hold with Doug, received his guidance and brought home; First Aid, Turmeric extract, Wellness Blend tea and Tranquility Blend tea.

Within a few hours of taking and applying the First Aid, my skin felt ease. With Tranquility Blend tea, I was able to sleep deep to re-wire my body to bring wholeness back together.

I have used these products daily and within five days, these natural essences realigned inner healing power back to a gear.(...and I am enjoying my tea daily)

We are one with the Nature. “Connect with a breath before it happened.” said Doug. He reminded me this with such a calmness and trust.

A key to preventive maintenance is to provide (y)ourself a knowledge and natural medicine available to us all the times.

Thank you Kauai Farmacy for sharing your wisdom and gifts of natural remedies!


Naoka C. Tuttle

Fresh and Local, Healing at its best.

I've been enjoying Kauai Farmacy's fresh pressed organic herbal extracts and teas for months now, and I love the healthy role they play in my diet. The fresh pressed turmeric extract is a great immune booster, and can be used externally for sore muscles and other ailments, too. The herbal first aid extract is great to have on hand for any kind of pain or injury that may arise, too. The gotu kola extract is great for soothing the nerves, and helps with PMS symptoms. And the teas are filled with more fresh organic herbs than you can imagine, infusing the body with wellness on all levels, while tasting delicious and inspiring the spirit. The people who work at the Farmacy truck are the nicest people you'll meet, and their wisdom about the healing properties of the herbs is bountiful. They are happy to help you find exactly what you need. Kauai Farmacy brings healing into our own hands, inspiring us to be our own healers, as Nature intended. I love you, Kauai Farmacy!

Kelly Stirling
Hunter Gatherer

Most amazing effect on me...

Hi Doug:
First, I hope and trust that you and your beautiful family (watched the video on the website) are fine after the hurricane.
I also hope that the farm is fine and didn't sustain too much damage.
Leah and I were at the tea wagon last Tuesday. We started drinking the tea that night.
It has had the most amazing effect on me. I no longer crave sweets or salt, and I don't crave or miss coffee (which is astonishing considering I drank at least 4-6 cups a day). Moreover, I have had zero desire for any kind of alcohol drink.
We went out to dinner while there and before the tea, would have one or two glasses of wine. None since. In fact, I have a natural aversion to it now.
We have been eating considerably less food and have focused almost exclusively on veggies and fruit. You may recall that we are both competitive cyclist. Given our intensified aversion to sugar and junk, we hit up a local health food store in search of alternatives to the sugar loaded processed gels and food we take with us while competing or training for extended periods of time. We found healthy alternatives and have been using them.
The other noticeable effect is the complete lack of desire to snack. We have made two one gallon bottles of iced tea, and have had each and every one of the other teas that we bought.
Leah did have a complaint tonight after returning from a race and a team BBQ. She told me she had no appetite and was concerned that it might affect her training. I told her that it has become so much more apparent to me that we don't need most of the food we consume. I had an organic kale, quinoa, lentil, carrot and cucumber salad tonight and I'm stuffed.
You are definitely onto something and I truly am grateful.
I will keep you posted, but will need to purchase more tea before I run out which would be a serious problem.
Please tell me you are still shipping and all is well with the farm.

Thanks so much!

Josef Rodarti

Feeling supported

I met the owners of Kauai Farmacy about a year ago.
I toured the farm and had a chance to discuss the healing power of herbs with Doug. It was quite impressive. One day I was headed to Common Ground for breakfast and noticed the tea wagon in front of the farm. I stopped to see all the goodies that were being offered in their neat little packages. After a pleasant conversation with the young lady I chose the buzz chew and off I went.

Later that week I was in Town getting supplies and put a little Buzz Chew in my mouth. I had a vibrant energy that carried me through my errands. But to my surprise I noticed I was not hungry and was able to easily pass up all the unhealthy food choices I was surrounded by. It was such a great feeling to comfortably make it home and prepare myself a healthy meal. A few days after I ran into Doug at the beach and told him of my experience. I could see his face light up with joy. He knew all his hard work behind his intention was being realized.

Recently my grandmother passed and I had to go to the mainland for her service. I stopped by the tea wagon to pick up some more herbs. Specifically fresh pressed Turmeric. Unfortunately they were out. The day before I left for my trip I noticed Doug out in front of the tea wagon. He had just pressed Turmeric that morning.
I felt so fortunate especially since he was offering delicious teas for me to try. As I was enjoying the tea and getting a deeper understanding of the herbs. Cars started pulling up to the wagon. Within a few minutes the tea wagon was surrounded by people enjoying the wonderful teas while engaging in like minded conversation. It was an incredible experience to see so much support showing up. Which brings me to the heart of my message. With Kauai Farmacy's herbs I feel supported, Like I have something to carry me through the rough spots. I am energized and yet calm. But most importantly the herbs are helping me reach that place inside myself where all the trust lives for the process of life. As I sip on my tea I am cradled with the feeling that I am not in this life alone.

Power of Herbs

The power of herbs as medicine has been greatly dissuaded in modern western culture, but have remained immovably the answer to health problems in many other parts of the world for centuries. The earth provides everything we need to heal. Whether soothing and calming or energizing and invigorating, including herbs into our diet can significantly improve the body's functions on all levels.

Kauai Farmacy is of the highest quality, grown with care and focused healing intentions. Vibrant health, brought to you by mother earth!


Healing Remedies

I recently injured my hand and was diagnosed with tendinitis. Not being a fan of pharmaceutical drugs to mask the pain, I sought a less invasive alternative at Kauai Farmacy. They were able to guide me towards their ginger and turmeric extracts which I both ingested and applied locally.  The extracts, along with a conscious effort to heal, relieved my pain almost immediately and the tendinitis was completely gone within days!

Kauai Farmacy provides naturally healing remedies that are delicious nutritious and local!

Christopher C.

Christopher C.

Very Happy

I began drinking an anti-oxidant blend of Kauai Farmacy's teas and was not quite anticipating (but pleasantly surprised) to have such a clearing detoxification process; my body responded to the herbs by wanting to cleanse itself of impurities. Fueling my body's ability to heal itself, and greatly assisting the process. All while I moved through the detoxification, my vitality and immunity was noticeably strengthening and building, like a wave pushing out all that was slowing me down and holding me back from feeling the innate strength and vitality that I naturally am.

Very happy to support Kauai Farmacy in their mission to heal.


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